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Allergy Treatment

Amy Varvil, LVN
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Allery Treatment - Immunotherapy

The treatment of allergies can include making changes to your environment, allergy shots, or even allergy drops (taken orally). Allergy drops and allergy shots are used to help the body build up a resistance to your specific allergens. While an immunization shot is generally a one time event, allergy shots or drops are taken regulary. At Grapevine Internal Medicine's Allergy Clinic we custom mix your allergens, to your specific sensitivity levels. We start with very small doses of your particular allergens, and over time, we increase the allergen dosage until your body has enough resistance to ward off the miserable effects you have been enduring.

Allergy Drops

Sublingual drops are administered daily by you in the convenience of your home.

Allergy Shots

Shots are administered in the office once a week at your convenience.

When will I see results?

Most people see an improvement in symptoms after 2 months of treatment.

How long will treatment last?

Allergy treatment lasts 3-5 years depending on the patient. With relief in symptoms lasting 5-10 years for 85% of patients.